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Borders only exist in our heads. To bring our idea across Germany its a pleasure for us.

All Trainings-manuals and offers of our center also exist in english and we offer instructor trainings in all over the world:


1. Education School of Empathy verbal: Respectful Communication training: 4 Modules (Prof.Dr.Marcus Stueck, Marion Mueller)


2. Education School of Empathy nonverbal: TANZPRO-Biodanza for children: 5 Modules (Prof.Dr.Marcus Stueck, Dr.Alejandra Villegas, Vineta Greaves)


3. Ten steps of stressreduction (STRAIMY) (on demand): 3 Modules: Prof.Dr.M.Stueck

The STRAIMY Programme "Ten steps to stressreduction" consists out of 10 steps which can be used in group training or for counceling. Each step has an psychoeducative (exercises to analyse stress) and an autoregulative (yoga, meditation, autogeneous Training) part. Because of its scientific investigations it is a recognicized training programme of stressreduction in the gernan psychological association and it won the scientific award in 2005 in Donauwoerth in Germany. article 10 steps download


4. How to overcome Trauma? Training to learn methods for posttraumatic growth (on demand, 4 weekends)

Here we learn techniques and treatments for posttraumatic growth in children and adults. E.g. arttheraeutic methods to express strong emotions, relaxation methods for traumatic treatments, the EMDR Basic Training. Eye Movement and Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) is a complex approach to psychotherapy that accelerates many treatments of past traumatic and present life events. Through lecture, live and videotaped demonstrations and supervised practice, learn standards from instructors with the Center of Educational Health (ZfB). The training involves completion of 4 modules.

5. Relaxation Training with Yoga for Children (on demand, 3 weekends)

article Yoga für Kinder 01

article Yoga für Kinder 02


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